Road Trip Prep

John and I have started to think about things we need to prep before our Road Tripstravaganza Oh-Ten (or whatever I called it before). Today I took a step toward keeping us from eating crap all the way from Sarnia to Atlanta and cleaned our trusty cooler.

It logged a lot of miles with each of us between Bloomington and Knoxville, but we haven't had much use for it since we moved to Canada. It has lots of pockets for things like napkins and utensils. It has a divider (in the drying rack, not shown) that we use to separate things like ice packs from strawberries, and drinks from things like sandwiches that drinks like to squish, etc.

It has this handy opening in the top so you can reach in and grab whatever is closest without having to unzip the whole thing, while turned around from the front seat, without a seat-belt. Being the co-pilot means being in charge of getting things out of the cooler, so it's much safer this way.

Cleaning the cooler made me think about what we will inevitably put in it. John and I have both been making an effort to eat less junk, and it's been paying off in terms of pounds. But that makes me nervous about all the hours on the road, tempted by things like Arbys and Chick-fil-A (both absent from Canada). We want to bring a lot of stuff with us to prevent the Arby's temptation from winning. Things like....

- sandwiches
- fruit of all kinds
- avocados
- cheese
- homemade granola and nuts from Bulk Barn (ok, not cooler items)!
- juice
- pasta salad
- yogurt
- water, water, and more water. Dehydration = hunger for me.

This article from one of my favorite blogs, Cheap Healthy Good, gives tips for various food related aspects of traveling (what to eat on your way there and once you get there). The interwebs certainly has a lot of good advice for eating on the road.

What about you? Any road trip foodie tips? What's your favorite thing to eat when you travel? What foods do you avoid eating when you travel? Leave me a comment or email me at soundslikecanada at gmail dot com, I'd love to know what you recommend!


  1. I need to invest in a cooler.

    This post made me realize I need to just suck it up and get one.

  2. We didn't actually buy this one, it was a roommate acquisition kind of thing...We have another one that we bought that's just basically a Styrofoam box, and it's pretty handy, too! No frills, just a cold box.