A Tale of Three 'Villes - Nashville

Last week was the second half of our Summer Roadtripstravaganza Oh-11. It's less epic than last year's, but we've still gotten the chance to visit a lot of people we miss in Indiana and Tennessee. After a short visit to Memphis where we saw John's family, we made our way east.
Here are some random pictures I took along the way.

First we went to Nashville to visit my bff Kira and to see John's friend Tanner get married (that needs its own post, I think).

Kira's cat, Thelonious Monk, hanging out in the hallway.

Unfortunately we didn't get to spend a ton of time with Kira because she was the chaplain at this awesome church camp. But it was a nice, short visit.

Here's her other kitty, Duke Ellington. I love this picture because Duke looks like a cat-shaped pillow with eyes.

Also, Kira, I hope I have the cats' names right!

He seems to love having his picture taken, and put on a brooding face.

While we waited for Kira to come back from camp for a visit, her husband Joe took us to a cool restaurant called Bread and Company, not unlike Panera but local and nicer.

Joe and I studied the menu carefully.

Lots o' granola.

Joe and John both chose omelettes, something Bread and Co. is known for.

John's omelette - broccoli, tomatoes, and cheese (or some other veggie combo) with sourdough bread.

Joe regaled us with stories from his job as an anesthesia resident at the Vanderbilt Med Center.

While I wish Kira had been in town longer, it was really great to talk to Joe. Normally when I visit Kira and I talk 90 miles an hour and no one can get a word in. I always wish our visits to Nashville could be longer. John can't get enough of this face:


  1. Hahaha! I love that my cats have practically their own post on your blog. And their names are right!

  2. I don't know you but I googled "Thelonius Monk cat" to see if anyone else named their cat this. I have the total tally up to 3. Thanks!

  3. I googled "thelonius monk cat name" to see if anyone else was as weird as me and named their cat this. Please don't ever abbreviate. It's the best cat's name.