Lauren in Chicago

We stayed with my aunt Becky during most of our trip to Chicago, but on the weekends we went into the city and stayed with my good friend Lauren.

On my birthday we got dressed up and went to a jazz club near her apartment where a woman named Big Time Sarah was singing with a seriously good band.
Before leaving I said, "Let's take a nice photo of us together, since we're all dressed up." I only have photos of Lauren from before college, and now from this summer. Just like when she came to Canada, we had a hard time taking a serious photo.

Made it. Whew.

It was so nice seeing Lauren's fancy (to me) Lincoln Park apartment. Her location is incredible. On my birthday I went running on a path along Lake Michigan, merely blocks from her apartment, with the lake on my left and the downtown skyline ahead of me. Of course visiting Lauren and spending time in the city with my cousins, aunt, and other friends makes me desperately want to move to Chicago.*
It's also nice to learn that, after visiting her, that she's the kind of person I can stay friends with, even though we don't have as much in common as we used to, we have tons and tons to talk about all the time.

*Wasn't it only a year ago I was saying I want to move to Atlanta? Well scratch that. Chicago for the win. Atlanta is awesome, but I'd miss the snow.

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  1. I feel the opposite with Chicago & Atlanta. I'd love to move to Chicago, but I don't think I could handle the snow!