Kira's Ordination to the Sacred Order of Priests

My bff Kira was ordained last weekend and it was an incredibly moving experience in which to participate. Moving and personal. So instead of going into a lot of detail, I'll just share a few photos of the elements involved.

Ragdoll cats.

Shown here: Duke Ellington, the cat who thinks he's a dog. Or a supermodel.


This was from a local lady and it tasted like some kind of magical almond paste.


The order of events went like this: super long run on Friday. Ordination and 2 parties on Saturday, with champagne in between. The Episcopalians know how to party!

White chocolate crosses.

A few people debated whether or not eating a cross was weird, and we decided to go with it because the chocolate was so good. The Episcopalian church ladies know how to throw a good party (see above).

I got to read the Litany, during which I noticed that the Queen was conspicuously absent (Anglicans in Canada pray for her and other world leaders). I was honored that Kira included me in the ceremony! It was beautiful and she picked some killer hymns.

Kira got to wear very pretty vestments, which she modeled for me.

Since the discernment process and her seminary training lasted several years, it was exciting to be present for her actual ordination, the culmination of so much work. I'm also a little surprised at how well the timing worked out, since I asked her to marry me (...you know, to John) several years ago, and now she has the authority to do so. This weekend was so much fun, I wish we could go back in a few days and do the whole thing again.

Congrats again, Mama K!*

*Click the link above for a full explanation. Basically male priests are often called Father ____, so Kira can be addressed as Mother Kira. But the kids at the camp where she was a chaplain last summer abbreviated it to Mama K as a nickname, and luckily for the rest of us, it totally stuck.


  1. my family makes poundcake in the shape of a cross every easter. it took a while for me to realize that this is a bit odd.

  2. Obviously, I'm way behind on my Google Reader, but YAY! That's totally Duke's Blue Steel look. I was so, so, so glad that y'all could be there, and I like "Mama K" better than John's "Father Kira".