Mempis, Summer 2012

Earlier this summer, John and I drove to Memphis for an engagement party that his mom, Julie, threw for us.

The party itself was fancy and a lot of fun, and it was evident that Julie spent a ton of time on it. She had big center pieces that looked like paint spilling from the ceiling (somehow I managed to not take a picture? fail), and Mexican food everywhere. We got to meet a lot of her friends, and people that John knew growing up. Also, bonus!, Kira and her mom came over from Nashville! Kira brought us a ton of tasty beer, which led to an impromptu beer tasting in the garage for the younger crowd at the party.

Other highlights:

 The day of the party, we got a flat tire. We were parking to go meet Morgan and a couple of cousins at a cool restaurant called The Beauty Shop, when John brushed a very sharp metal point on a drain along the curb. Luckily Morgan was there to give everyone directions, and to point and laugh. John's cousin Davis (the blond guy) was a big help that day.

He and his girlfriend, Irene (pronounced EE-reh-neh), hung out with us at Gateway Tire while we waited for them to fix it.

At the end of the night, we opened the presents we'd been given. It's kind of a tradition that when I go to Memphis for Christmas, I put the bows from the presents around my head, and the same thing happened this trip. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the tequila I'd had.

I don't have photos of other stuff we ate, but I will just mention a couple of other neat restaurants, both in Midtown: Alchemy, sort of a tapas place with a long cocktail menu, and some tasty wild mushroom pancakes; and Sweet Grass, with lots of traditional Southern food, and a surprising number of vegetarian items on the menu. The grits were heavenly, and made Sweet Grass my favorite meal out.

We also got to make a trip to the Memphis Zoo, and I'll share just one of the fantastic pictures I took there. It's a great place.

Julie and Keith maintain a huge, beautiful flower garden in the summer, and I'll end with a photo of one of the flowers there. We had a great time in Memphis and hope to go back again soon!

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