After John's Colloquium Talk

Yesterday, John gave a paper in our colloquium series at school. Giving a paper takes a lot out of a person. So afterward, we went with some classmates to Matthew's house for pizza and drinks.

John, posing for his GQ photo spread.

Matthew is a gracious host. Here he is posing with one of his favorite LPs.

For some reason, everyone took a turn doing squats before the pizza arrived. Bunch of show offs.

We capped off the night with a visit to the Early Bird, one of our favorite spots for any time of day, but especially late at night. Here's John enjoying a Pimm's cup.

In other news, John and I are making our way through the Appetite for Reduction. This week: Mango BBQ Beans with Fresh Corn and Scallion Cornbread. Both are easy recipes. I can tell Isa Chandra intended most of this food to be week-night friendly. Also, the combination of spices and liquid smoke in the beans is amazing - it has a great BBQ flavor. We made a double batch, thank goodness.

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