I don't have anything profound to say about what happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday. It kind of makes my stomach turn to think about it. I was out running when it happened, and that somehow weirds me out. The whole thing seems so personal, I guess because I run. It reminds me a bit of when several IU students died in a plane crash at the end of my junior year (almost exactly 7 years ago on April 20), in that I feel like I know those people. Those people are like me. The students were musicians. The people at the marathon were runners. It's a small world, and in a way, I feel like I know those people.

So instead, I'm going to think about good running times. This is what running makes me think of.

My friends. 

Celebrating personal success.

Supporting each other.

My family.

The good in the response to yesterday's events.

Together we can make it.

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