In the Beginning

The school year has begun. And because I'm too lazy to write a series of individual blog posts focused on fall topics, I've decided to cram all of it into this post in a convenient (for me) list format.

1. The first week of school has a way of being rough, sometimes for me, sometimes for humanity.
Here's a list of things that have happened to me and, seriously, to humanity, on the first week or day of school, starting with this year:

  • Root canal (last Monday)
  • Cast on my foot (last Tuesday)
  • Diagnosed with mono (freshman year, 2003)
  • Hurricane Katrina (junior year, 2005)
  • 9/11 (junior year of high school)

Maybe it's a curse? Next year I may send out a warning to my friends and family so they know to be on the look out that week. The curse extends beyond me, as you can see.

2. My stress fracture is only sort of healing, so they booted me. I'm not sure how long it will last, as the doctor's cryptic words were "Let your pain be your guide."

This is my second boot. My first was in 2009, shown below, and it was more intense. Both times now I've wondered if the boot is actually helping my foot, or just distracting me by making other parts of my body hurt (hips, IT bands, ankles - it's hard to lug that thing around).

3. Triathlon Club starts this week, which means I have to be at the pool at 6:05 AM on Tuesday. I've also learned that I can register as an unattached swimmer with Masters Swimming Ontario and participate in some meets this year! Woohoo! Triathlon Club seems to be very organized and well staffed, and I'm looking forward to having an actual swim coach again. At their Q&A meeting this week they talked about all the practices, etc, but they also mentioned that they go to a bar after Saturday swimming, and that they have potlucks and a Christmas party!! They had me at potlucks.
If you'd like to watch the club's promotional video and GET AMPED, here it is. Seriously, if I weren't totally injured, I would sign up for the whole club. What with all the coaching staff, it's a freaking steal at $125 for the whole school year.

4. People ask me frequently how Bo is adjusting, and I'd say she's feeling good.

Matthew, who has decided he wants to be called Auntie Matthew, gave her this very nice UWO bandana! Purple Pride! Or, #purplereign, as I think the kiddies say.

She also managed to get a small cut on her leg that she could not stop licking, so we put a sock on her. She loved it, obviously. Here's a picture of her working on her "saddest greyhound in the world" face. It's one of her most consistent personas.

5. We made beer floats last week and they were awesome. First a chocolate stout, then pumpkin. Both awesome. 

6. I had one of the best weeks ever with my dissertation this week. I even had a good meeting with my advisor where we made a timeline to completion. It feels so real. I felt like saying, 
"Who's got 2 thumbs, reads limited 18th century French, and didn't want to cry once during her dissertation meeting?! This moi!" 
I also found a bunch of useful stuff in Rameau's Collected Theoretical Writings (ed. E. Jacobi). 

First, an awesome Debussy quote where he talks about what a great thinker Rameau was. 

Then I started reading a bunch of reviews of the treatise I'm writing about. And, for reasons that I won't bore you with, it's really helpful that they connect his Génération Harmonique with Newtonian physics. I got so happy reading it that I drew some smileys, which also help me find those passages when I need them.

7. Mama K. and I are going to Michigan in a few weeks for what was supposed to be our 10 year high school reunion. Since only a few people signed up, they canceled it. But we've got reservations at a cabin and I want to see my old teachers anyways, so we're going to go and make our own reunion. 

8. The back to school message we all need to be reminded of: 

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