Shrine of the Muse Divine

After my high school reunion this weekend, I've decided to post a whole series of landscape photos. Because northern Michigan is just that beautiful!

Our cabin was beautiful, too. But I only managed to take a photo of the fake moose head on the wall of Kira's room. I kind of wanted to take that moose head.

And also our cabin from the front. 

Since I've been getting up early this semester, I was able to sleep in until 7:30 and still see the sunrise each day we were there. And as Kira was able to book us a cabin right on Green Lake, I made a special trip outside each morning to take pictures as it happened. 

Our cabin was about a mile from campus, near Diamond Park Road, surrounded by the firey fall colors. 

I was compelled to take a photo every few minutes or so when the light changed. 

Also, we were near Indiana Street! I realized that in the same week I will have spent time in Interlochen, Bloomington, and London. All three of my schools in a week. It's sort of like an autobiographical road trip. 

The sun really started to come up and the lake changed color quickly.

And then everything started changing color.

The view from the porch.

On the last morning, it was fairly windy and the water was choppy. 

What an amazing place this was to go to school. No wonder I decided to become a composer.

It was so good to be back.

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