This past weekend was Sunfest, a world music festival held in London every summer. They have a few different concerts taking place in separate spots within Victoria Park, which is basically overrun with food vendors and booths selling various...things.

In case you haven't heard of poutine (and you're probably American, so you probably have never encountered it), it's a French Canadian food that people in Ontario also love: fries, topped with cheese curds ("NOT SHREDDED CHEESE, ACTUAL CURDS!" shout my Canadian friends), and brown gravy. People here seem to put gravy and pretty much anything. Not sausage gravy, just a brown kind of gravy, similar to what we eat at diners on chicken-fried steak, or on Thanksgiving. Poutine sounds strange, and I was skeptical before I tried it, but it's actually pretty good. I mean, cheese fries are hard to screw up, right?

The booths selling things really were varied. We saw hats.

Wall art for insect lovers.

Nipple decor.

John really wanted to buy one of these swords and send it to our friend Dave. The sign below says that each sword comes with a plaque. Ultimately, we were deterred by thinking of what a pain it would be to take even a silly sword over the border. The plaque wouldn't help quell suspicions that it was a "fake" weapon.

Banana scarves. For some reason I find this funny.

"Matches are bad? Heh heh...I dunno'!"

John said "what's wrong with this picture" is that it's not a picture. It's a set. Of pictures.

We saw this dude, who was just walking around dressed as a pirate. I don't think he was selling or promoting anything. He was just enjoying pirate life, I guess.

That's our friend Gillian, walking with John. Gillian is part of our Ultra Nerdy Summer Reading group, and she's masters student in theory at Western. She accompanied us to the beach this weekend, which I'll write about shortly.

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