Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

John and I aren't big pasta eaters, but it's nice to have on hand for a low key dinner once in a while. When I saw this red pepper pesto recipe, I knew we'd both really like it.
Pesto is sort of too greasy for me to want on a regular basis, but this made enough for a few nights of easy pasta, peppery dinner, and it really hit the spot.

First the pesto:

We broiled these peppers until they were black (though not quite evenly so, and I know now that they need to be all the way black before they're done). Then the skin just peels right off.
Both the pasta and the pesto came from Closet Cooking.
Click here for the pesto recipe.

After the peppers were done roasting, the pesto ingredients just go into the food processor. I really liked the flavor that the balsamic vinegar added.
Then the pasta:

We used the same blog's recipe for the rest of the meal, which was simple and included feta and kalamata olives. If we make this again (and I hope we do!) then I'd add either zucchini or spinach to up the nutritional benefits. If you're a meat eater, I'd recommend adding some Italian sausage to the mix. But it's plenty flavorful just like this. A few red pepper flakes really added some kick. I'll probably add them directly to the pesto next time. It's was an all-around great weeknight dinner.
Click here for the pasta recipe!

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