Red Velvet Cake Balls

Last weekend my parents came to visit. It was a pretty chill weekend, just a lot of hanging out, and studying in between the hanging out. The Tim Horton's 2011 Brier was taking place, which is apparently a curling championship. The tickets start at $14, and had that not been the case, I'm pretty sure we would have gone, just to check it out. Unfortunately, I don't think my attention would have lasted for $14 worth of the competition.

Instead, I had the official Tim Horton's donut of the brier.

Check out those maple leaf shaped sprinkles. You can buy them at Bulk Barn!

My mom's birthday was just after their visit, so we celebrated it one of the nights they were here. I tried to think of a chocolately dessert, and after considering several recipes, I decided on red velvet cake balls.

The only pictures I have of these are pretty blurry, but I think you get the idea. Here's how it works:

- Make a cake (red velvet in this case).
- Make cream cheese frosting for the cake.
- Crumble the cake and mix the frosting into it.
- Shape that mixture into balls and dip them in chocolate.

I used bittersweet chocolate because I wanted the chocolate flavor to be really intense. But I think semi-sweet would have been better (they were almost too intense).
I only made half the recipe - one 9" cake round and half the icing - and it made a HUGE amount of balls. Unless you're feeding, like, 20 people, I'd say halving it is definitely the way to go. I probably had 3 dozen; we sent some home with my parents and I brought the rest to school on Monday. They taste amazing - kind of like a moist, cakey truffle. I would definitely make them again!

There are lots of recipes for these on the internet. Here's the site I used:

Red Velvet Cake Balls
from Gonna Want Seconds.

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