I like stuff (by john)

I like stuff. Call me materialistic, but stuff can make me unreasonably happy. Introduce a bonus element such as a low price or high quality and I get damn near ecstatic. Example? This Christmas Abby's brother and sister in law got me a Kindle and I basically stopped talking anybody except to show them features I discovered on the Kindle. I literally took it with me, everywhere. Like a child.

One of the ways I express my love for stuff is to tell (read: pester) Abby how cool stuff is. Abby, being the loving and supportive fiance she is, politely suggested that I start writing about stuff rather than regale her with my latest interest (read: obsession). She pointed out that rather than tell her about reviews of stuff I've already bought and used, I could tell the world. Just to be clear, that last bit places the blame for all of what follows squarely on m'lady's shoulders.

Another way I express my love of stuff is to read reviews about stuff I need/want. This means not that only will I be reviewing boring things you probably don't care about, I'll be linking to other blogs about those same things. It's a network of useless of information. I mean, at least Abby's posts are about food or exercise, things that most people use, or could use. My posts will instead discuss stuff I either want to own, already own, or just stuff I'm thinking about. You're welcome.

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  1. This post is awesome. And it assumes that you are the only person who likes stuff, which is not true, or cares about what people think about stuff before you buy it--also not true. If you're someone who regularly contributes to the slew of reviews all over the internet I actually admire you, because at least your willing to contribute to a system that you regularly benefit from. i on the other hand make no such contribution, but only use said resources for my own benefit. Sometimes I feel bad about it, guilty...but not guilty enough to write any reviews...yet. Perhaps you will inspire me with your posts! At the very least I'll get to know you better, which is something I've always wanted :-)

    Also, I am in Toronto as we speak...waiting with the rest of the cattle call to hear if I am awesome enough to advance to another round of cattle call tomorrow. If not...you guys busy tomorrow!?? I you're not super close to Toronto, but, I mean, it IS my birthday, after all... ;-) xoxox