Abby's Favorite Blogs - January 2012

A picture-less post! Brace yourselves.

Reading blogs is one of my absolute favorite ways to, among other things, kill time, find recipes, and get motivated to run. But my blog reader has changed a lot since the early days of my blog reading habit. My collection has gravitated toward less omnivore/baking and more vegan, everyday food, and several running-themed blogs. At the moment I subscribe to 114 blogs, some of which I read every time they post, and some I skim to see if I want to file away their recipes. I affectionately refer to them as "my stories."

Here are some of my favorites that I've added within the last year or so, in no particular order.

Cheaper than Therapy
Marie, who writes about running and sarcasm, lives in Indianapolis and her posts make me laugh every single time I read them. She recently had a baby, so her format has changed somewhat. I get the sense that before her pregnancy, she mostly posted about her running mileage and beer. She also has a great ability to make fun of other blogs, especially the healthy living variety. I heard about her blog via another fun running-and-humor theme site called Eat, Drink, and Run, written by a woman named Shelby who has a talent for making entertaining illustrations out of MS Paint (<-- seriously, click that link for a funny post), and who also mostly posts about her mileage and beer. These two are my favorite running related blogs, though I also immensely enjoy BrieFit (she and the other running blogs are some of the only people I know from the internets that I think I would actually want to be friends with in real life). And last but not least, I also like Peanut Butter Runner, since Jen's activities make my exercise routine seem so modest, and reading it always makes me want to run or go do some yoga. Or get a golden retriever.

Young House Love
I've written already about how A Practical Wedding is making me so happy these days. Another in my "DIY" reader category is Young House Love, that Carla initially sent to me. These people are inspiring because I know how little money they spend decorating their house. That, and their ideas are both functional and aesthetically appealing. They also have a chihuahua and a pretty cute toddler. I would probably never attempt most of the projects they tackle (like putting in their own giant tile backsplash or knocking a whole through their dining room wall to create an open floor plan). But I like to get smaller-time ideas from them (like these Christmas ornaments) and they've got a good sense of humor about what they do.

Two other food-and-health related blogs I like:
Oh She Glows and Daily Garnish, both of which I found out about Kira, who is still my ultimate source for finding cool blogs.
Oh She Glows (Angela Liddon) makes a lot of delicious vegan food, including a lot of less-bad-for-you desserts out of stuff I usually have on hand. She also takes some fabulous pictures when she travels. And she lives in Canada! We share a love for Bulk Barn, I think.
Daily Garnish (Emily Malone) writes about her adventures as a new mom, running, and developing vegan recipes that I almost always love. John and I make her food all the time and we're rarely disappointed.

And finally, two others unrelated to food:
Cabin Porn, that I first saw on Facebook just this week. Gorgeous pictures of cabins I wish I could live in or at least hang out in for a while. John and I like the especially modern/postmodern ones. So cool.

Socrates Pondering. This one is written by my cousin Corey who currently teaches English in Korea. He posts things about his travels there, or other issues that occur to him. And by him, I mean his cat, Socrates, who writes the blog in the first person about "his friend," Corey.

Last but certainly not least, a quick shout out to my cousin, Halley, who recently started blogging about cool vegan restaurants in Chicago at Chi City Vegan. Why can't I move to Chicago and eat like that all the time?

So that's what's relatively new on my feed reader.
What about you, Internets? What are your favorite blogs? I'm always looking for new ones!

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