IAA '03

Last week my bff Kira pointed out that our high school graduation was exactly ten years ago - May 24, 2003. I spent the last two years of high school at the Interlochen Arts Academy, which is essentially a boarding school on the campus of a summer camp in the woods of Northern Michigan. It's easily the best thing I've ever gotten to do. Besides just meeting Kira there, I met John the summer after graduation when I stayed on the work at the camp (which means our ten-year anniversary is this summer!). 

I think my 2003 self would be pretty surprised at what I'm doing now. I was new to composition that year and I had tons of enthusiasm. I know younger Abby would be pleased that I followed through and got the comp degree, and probably not too shocked that theory is the direction I chose. But my interest in Rameau as a dissertation topic really came out of nowhere - I was as surprised as anyone. And I live in Canada now! Who would have predicted that?

Above: Kira and I, trying to look hot for the Babylon Dance. Look how hot we are!!!

Below: our (shared) senior recital. My pale skin looks like it might break the camera.

Above: Interlochen prepared me to survive the Canadian winter. London is much further south than Interlochen, and London gets less snow, if you can believe that. But we never drove anywhere while at school, so it didn't impact my daily life in the same way. This picture was taken after a snowy hike. That's our hall counselor, Bobby, wrapping Kira in masking tape. I have no idea why this happened.

Below: Street Beat, a kind of block party style festival on the night before graduation. Each year a group of students would put on a concert, and that year they played Kid A, by Radiohead, with harps and everything. After that concert, Kira and some friends and I packed up and went to a slumber party at the math teachers' house (two of the math teachers were married and had students over to hang out at the their house. I think we watched Galaxy Quest). Notice that on May 24, 2003 we were wearing sweat shirts and turtlenecks. The three guys in the first picture were my classmates in the composition department, and I miss all three of them all the time. 

Below: My classmate, Erik, and Dr. Boyle, ("DB"), our mentor and composition/theory teacher. I don't think I quite realize how much of an impact DB has had on my life. I would never have gotten into IU for composition if it weren't for him. He seemed a little bummed that I went into theory instead of composition, but he's still supportive. I get all my good theory-teaching jokes from him. We're still in regular contact, thanks to facebook.

I want to make sure I have this picture on display somewhere during the wedding weekend, since she is officiating our service. Kira and I have changed so much! And yet I think we have more in common now than when we were in high school. 

Our ten-year reunion is in October and I hope I get to be there! Facebook does kind of ruin the surprise of the reunion - I know who got married or pregnant right away, as well as who among us became at least a little bit famous (like Jay Rathbone, one of the minor characters in Twilight) but I would love to get to spend time at Interlochen with the people in my class and some of my favorite teachers. In the time since I graduated, I've visited a few times, and it's really not the same place without the people. 

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