Victoria Day

Fun fact: Canada doesn't do Memorial Day like we do in the U. S. Instead, they celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday with Victoria Day, aka, "The May Two-Four," as in, May 24. It's a long weekend that signifies the start of summer, not unlike Memorial Day. John and I observed the queen's b-day with a trip to Ipperwash Beach. We waited until late in the day, since John fries like an egg in direct sunlight.  And I've wanted to watch the sunset over Lake Huron since we moved here. It didn't disappoint!

Ipperwash Beach was perfect. By 6 or so when we arrived it was practically deserted. The water was WAY too cold to swim, but I did wade into the shallow part to take some photos. The water is always so clear in Lake Huron and the shallow part extends quite a ways out, so you can wade about 30-40 feet out with water below your knees.

We packed a picnic and read books on the beach while waiting for the sunset to begin.

Once it started, I took about 500 pictures and I was too in awe to read my book. 

The water was very still as evening set in. I love the texture of the water in all these photos.

The water looks like leather. Or oil. The weather was perfect for a beautiful sunset.

Ipperwash is dog-friendly and the parking is free. We'll definitely be back again soon.

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