Abby's Dream Recap 1: "I have many forms."

I've always had really crazy dreams, both scary and completely awesome. At this point, John is sick of hearing about it, so I've decided to post a few of them on the blog from time to time. 
So here goes! In related news, John and I had just started watching American Horror Story. Coincidence? 

The last night that I was at SMT, I dreamt that I had already returned home from the conference. I walked into our living room and saw the recliner chair rocking back and forth, as though someone had just stood up from sitting in it. But John was nowhere to be found and I realized that it was moving on its own. When I said to myself, "What the hell..." the chair immediately stopped moving and changed color slightly, as though the transparent thing that had been making it move had moved on.

Then, I confronted John about it and he sheepishly revealed that he had performed some kind of conjuring ritual while I was gone, and it had gone awry. As we talked, one of our metal folding chairs (normally positioned at John's desk) began moved toward us, still folded up, and I knocked it over when it came close. John and I clung to each other in fear as we watched this happen. 

I asked, "How can we sleep here tonight, after all this? What is this thing?"

A female voice answered, "I have many forms."

And I woke up.

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