BARcelona and Three Sisters

The title of this post sounds like the name of some kind of weird book. Or a Woody Allen movie.

Good story, Abby.

BARcelona is a tapas restaurant in Indianapolis, and we went there after Sarah and Tim's wedding with Carla and Dave. Carla took us there once before; it was the highlight of SMT last year...the culinary one, at least.

I have so many great pictures of Dave talking and Carla looking at him as if to say, "What?!"

We had white, then red sangria.

The next day we went for a very hilly run in Fort Harrison State Park, where three of us randomly wore green running shirts. Then over to the Broad Ripple neighborhood in Indy to eat a very late breakfast at the Three Sisters Cafe.

Serious discussion about who's everyone's favorite Food Network personality

Three Sisters Cafe was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, the Guy Fieri show on Food Network. They have little markers on the menu for things Guy ate (see the highlighted "DDD" item here), including the thing I ordered: corn cakes with berry sauce and whipped cream.

They were so good. I can see why they were featured on TV. They're on the sweet end of the breakfast spectrum, and you can taste the fruit, but they're not overpoweringly sweet. The sauce was perfect. I would eat the whole thing again right now if someone offered it to me.

I love how similar Dave and Carla's expressions are in these photos. They are of one mind!

Here's Dave casting a hex on me, sitting across from him.

One thing I love about these pictures is that I went with the same people + Aisha to Three Sisters a few years earlier after running a 5K in Indy, and we sat at the same table. And we took similar pictures, only I was sitting where Carla is in the above ones.

Awesome, post-run hair.

I'm so glad we got to spend extra time with Carla and Dave. While I'm sad that they're moving so far away, but I'm also really happy for them to have jobs in Denver, and I REALLY WANT to go visit them there.

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