Happy Dance

Around mid-July I found out that I passed my comps! From what I can tell, the handful of people who read this probably knew a long time ago that I passed, but I wanted to post here about it anyways because HOT DAMN I PASSED THE COMPS!!!

John found out that he passed in the morning, and I didn't find out for about 5 more hours. I was a complete, nervous wreck after that. The thing is, we have different committees, so the fact that he heard didn't mean anything about when I might hear or whether I passed. I thought it might take another couple of months for my results to come in, and I tried to make peace with the idea of not knowing until September.

We ran a few errands (I finally got a new hamper! It completes the big furniture-rearrangment we did in the middle of July - more on that later), and then decided to go to Springbank Park for a long walk. Before we left the house, I obsessively checked my email one last time, and there it was!
"I've just sent a message to the Associate Dean informing her that your Advisory Committee has read and passed all three parts of your comprehensive exam. Congratulations!"

So we went to the park and John practiced using fast shutter speed while I jumped up and down.
Then we went out for ice cream that night to celebrate.

John's kindly holding my cup while I take a photo.

It's so hard to get John to take a normal picture.

OhthankGod. Wepassedthecomps. Whew! On to the directed studies and the proposal.


  1. Hi Abby! Steph Tuley here - just wanted to let you know that I read your blog too, and I didn't know about you passing the comps yet. So this post made me smile.

  2. Thanks, Steph! And thanks for reading! I hope everything is going well for you. :)