Fourth of July

Today I realized that July is almost over and I still have an old post from the Fourth. So here we go!
Three years ago (!!!) on the Fourth of July, I went with John, Mark, and Sarah up to Fort Wayne.

We went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.

Here we are in the Australian part.

My parents took us to an IPFW donor cookout to watch the fireworks.

This year John and I went with my parents to the same cook out (and I missed Mark and Sarah a lot!).
They had some lovely desserts:

S'more-filled cupcake. A+.

Strawberry shortcake. A. Not bad, but not as outstanding as the s'more cupcake.

Dad decided he should try on John's new hat.

I think Dad briefly considered permanently taking the new hat from John.

Sort of distinguished, right?

Then he did his Australian accent for us, and I laughed 'till I cried. That's definitely my dad's hidden talent. It involved a lot of sounds like "Oooooi!"

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