Christmas Craftiness

If you know me well then I'm sure it will come as no surprise that I am extremely coordinated and adept at turning household objects into pure gold through the art of crafts.
For example, see this post about the melted snowman cookies we made last year. Right?

Right. I am in no way crafty by nature. But this year I read several posts on Young House Love that made me want to MAKE SOMETHING OMG! I decided to try the ornament painting that they explain this post. Glass balls + paint = discovery of my savant talent for ornament making. How hard could it be?*

Note the Tudors intro in the background.

I would give this project a B+. It went ok - I didn't get paint everywhere and they more or less turned out like I planned. Still, I used WAY more paint than I should have, and they took forever to dry (some never really did and have a little pool of paint in the bottom. I'm over it).

The gold one turned out best by far.

Some of the smaller ones I just put in this little glass square vase I bought for $1 at a thrift store.

All the supplies were from Michaels: two packs of glass ornaments (one smaller than the other, but with more in the pack), an four containers of the cheapest possible paint. I'd say the glitter was more frustrating to work with because it moved slower, but it ultimately looks best on the tree. You can see how large my problems are. The glitter is moving to slowly.

Before my stint in painting I also tried something simpler: putting cloves into oranges in a pleasing fashion.

It mostly worked! I'll give this one an A-, since the one that says "Joy" didn't really come across. But it was fun and easy. I bought a bag of cloves for about $.45 at Bulk Barn and then used a big safety pin to poke holes in the orange. It smelled delightful and added some color to the table, but they eventually got moldy so I had to chuck them. Still, a cheap and easy way to make our kitchen smell nice.
What about you? Any homemade decor for the holidays, or do you avoid crafts in general?

*Famous last words.

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