Matthew's Birthday, Part 1 and Part 2

This week, London got hit with a part of winter storm Nemo, combined with some regular style lake effect snow from Lake Huron. Everything in town was closed except for UWO and London transit. I spent a snowy Friday in my office, watching it come down. 

A few days before the snow storm, we made the wild rice gratin from the Smitten Kitchen cook book. It's delicious and pretty easy to make. And perfect for snowy weather.

We picked out a recipe from Appetite for Reduction, and then for various reasons, never got around to making it. That recipe shifted to this week's menu, which will be simple because it's the last week before "spring" break.

Today is my friend Matthew's birthday! He had a whole weekend full of celebrating. 

Part one: General Population, aka, Gen Pop.

Matthew helped create Gen Pop, a monthly dance party-fundraiser for an LGBT youth group in London. This weekend was Gen Pop's one year anniversary, so Matthew baked 70 cupcakes and passed them out at the bar. His partner  (and hilariously talented comedian) Anders presented him with a lit tray of cupcakes and we all sang Happy Birthday.

Part Two: on Saturday night we had Matthew and Anders over with a few other friends for a birthday dinner. The menu: two kinds of quiche, roasted potatoes, herbed biscuits, and chocolate fondue (no pictures, because I was focused on the food). John decided to put up some robot/serial killer style flyers for decoration.

(also a reference to The Office, of course)

And now, I'm in the process of turning the left-over quiche ingredients into a breakfast casserole. 

Things are looking up this week. Only one more week until our vacation, it's going to be at least 30 degrees for several days, and by Friday, ALL THE CHOCOLATE THINGS will be on sale. As Tim Best would say, keep hope alive.

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