Reading Week 2013

Last week was our Reading Week, or Canadian "Spring" Break, so named because it won't be spring until May, and it's useless to pretend otherwise. We celebrated the week off from school by traveling to Bloomington, IN. 
John suggested stopping at Dark Horse Brewing Co. on the way down. Dark Horse is in Marshall, MI, very near the junction of I-69 and I-94, a convenient lunch stop on our route. They have a general store where they sell their own beer, brewing paraphernalia, and skate boards. John said he felt like they had a sort of f-you approach in general - you either like their beer, or you don't, and it's not their job to convince you. Beside the general store they have a brew pub with a big menu. You can see the mugs for their mug club hanging along the ceiling in this picture. 

John, looking almost maniacally happy to be at Dark Horse. 

The food was great, and we'll definitely be back. Some of the beers we tried are not available to bottle, such as the chocolate-caramel stout John's drinking in that photo. I think he really found his happy place.

Once we were in Bloomington, I took advantage of a few opportunities to saddle up the beasts and go for a walk/buy their love. Bloomington in February is still nicer than London this time of year.

We got to spend some time with our friend Mark and his girlfriend, Jessica. Here they are during the last 30 seconds of the IU-Michigan State game, which the Hoosiers narrowly won.

And also, Mario Kart. 

I mostly tried to relax and catch up on grading for the first few days of our visit, since the last few involved a lot of family and friends in town for our bridal shower (more on that to come). Once John's parents arrived, we celebrated his mom's birthday. Morgan bought her this beautiful chocolate mousse cake from Angel B's


And, you know, I took a hundred pictures of the dogs, as is my wont.

Toby loves to pose for the camera. 

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