The Dash-In

And now, for my last Fort Wayne post for the semester, I'd like to introduce you to the Dash-In.

This is another good place to go for lunch, especially if you work in the downtown area.

We actually ended up there by mistake, after being turned away from a very busy place that I hope to tell you about another time.

The Dash-In is part coffee-house, part restaurant, not unlike the Friendly Fox. John ordered a hot chocolate, and promptly got whipped cream on his face. Their menu isn't the biggest, but there were a lot of things on it that caught my eye.

I eventually settled on the portabella quesadilla, which was top notch.

My mom got a fancy grilled cheese, with some delicious combination of cheeses in it - the kind that most grad students don't keep on hand. In general, some of their sandwiches made me think, "So what, I could make that." But I think that's part of the point of their restaurant. They seem to cater to people in the downtown area who want something simple, relatively fast, and good for lunch. I'll say that I wasn't super impressed with the pesto soup that my mom and John both got on the side. It wasn't bad, but it also wasn't that good.

John ordered a hummus plate, and the hummus deserved an A+. So maybe the Dash-In is the kind of place where you need to order the right thing. It's another place in Fort Wayne that makes me think twice about dissing their restaurants. But I'd give it a just slightly lower grade than the Friendly Fox.

Still, like Carla said, Fort Wayne is a much better place to go out to eat than Terre Haute. I've been fortunate enough not to have to make that comparison for myself, at least, unless we visit Carla and Dave in the Haute.

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  1. Terre Haute sucks.

    Except for the Grand Traverse Pie Co.

    I want one of those in Lafayette so badly...