Got Soy Milk?

Are you ready for our next contestant in "What sort of milk alternative do I like?"
I know you've been waiting anxiously.

This one is a triple whammy. I want to cover Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry soy milk in the same post.

It seems relevant to say that there are quite a few brands of soy milk, and that I somehow doubt they all taste the same. Also, I didn't include plain soy milk after sampling the other three, and I'll explain why as we go.

I'll give my general thoughts and then do the categories that I gave the first time around. To me, vanilla soy milk doesn't exactly taste...good to me. I suspect that plain would probably taste less good, and I can't put my taste buds on exactly what it is that bothers me. My guess is that it tastes sort of like tofu, and that's...weird. However, since I bought the vanilla soy, I went ahead and finished off the carton over a period of about a week, and it kind of grew on me. Still, my general feeling is that should I become lactose intolerant, soy milk won't be the route I go.

[Contender #1: Vanilla.]

Regarding the strawberry, it tastes a bit too much like the vanilla. I'm not sure if a stronger strawberry flavor would have tasted better, but that's what I was expecting. Also, the color looks the same as vanilla, and again, the food coloring might not be better, but it's kind of a mind trick that it tastes like strawberry.

[Note how NOT strawberry colored it is. Aren't actual strawberries pretty red? Don't they stain? Just sayin'.]

The chocolate was by far the best - by FAR. The soy-ish taste really works in its favor somehow and gives it a nutty taste, kind of like Nutella.

It's not exactly good for you, any more than chocolate dairy milk is, but it does have some vitamins. I think I'd buy it again.

Look how perfectly chocolatey it looks! It's the best non-milk thing I've tried so far, though it's not exactly an every-day milk substitute. It's dessert.

The ratings

: For the strawberry, not good. For the vanilla, it's a sort of off-white, and that's about what I'd expect. For the chocolate, perfect.
Texture: All three had a pretty milky texture, probably a little thicker than skim cows milk. Again, that seems about right, since they have some fat in them.
Cost: All three were on sale for 2.19 a piece, down from 2.99. I felt like they went a little further than the almond milk (2.99), but I'd rather have almond milk than vanilla or strawberry soy. For chocolate soy, I'd happily pay full price. And since I think of it as a treat, that's ok. But none of them yet have been cheap enough to replace cows milk in my student budget.

I feel like I've exhausted the "Content" category above, so let's skip ahead to the numbers.

Vanilla: 8. Tasted...ok, but it's just not for me.
Strawberry: 8.5. Tasted better than vanilla, but still not that great. And it's the same color. Weird.
Chocolate: 9. Delicious! I wish I could have some every day, but I won't. It's still dessert, just with vitamins.


  1. chocolate soy milk is the BEST. but you're right, more of a dessert than anything else. i rarely buy it because it's such a treat.

  2. chocolate hemp milk is also really good...

  3. Thanks for the tip about chocolate hemp milk - I'll have to give it a try!

    And it's not such a bad thing, really, that chocolate soy milk is a treat. It has a lot of nutritional value - more than a candy bar, anyways.

  4. i don't know if they have it in canada, but silk soy milk is sooo good!

    i started off only drinking the light vanilla... but i didn't like it with certain cereals... so i switched to light plain... it doesn't affect the taste of things as much... i have even used it to make mac n cheese and things of that nature (before i went vegan). i too love chocolate soy milk. mmm.

    but if you can find silk. i think it's the best. delish!

  5. The chocolate sounds more like a treat than a substitute for milk.

    Hey, if chocolate soy milk can be good enough to be considered a treat, then that mess must be delightful!