Got Rice Dream?

Welcome to what may be the last (for now) installment of my series of alternative milk reviews. It's not the last because I'm sick of trying milks - far from it. It's more that I've done all the "normal" ones. The only ones left are made from oats or hemp. I want to be willing to the try them, for the good of science, but it hasn't happened yet.

Mean while, Rice Dream!

This milk might have been the least flavorful, good or bad, of all the ones I've tasted. It's fairly bland. Let's get right to it.


Normal. It looks more like milk than anything else I've tried so far.

Content: Like I said, I'm not too impressed. The flavor isn't as strong (or weird) as the vanilla soy milk, but not as good as the chocolate soy or almond milk. That said, it's bland enough to go on things like cereal without tasting weird. It didn't taste that much like rice until I got to the bottom of the package.

That said, if you buy the enriched kind then you get some additional vitamins, etc. Notice that it's high in calcium, which helps. I think it has about the same fat content per serving as the soy milk, 2.5 grams per cup.

Texture: Pretty close to skim cows milk, but a little creamier or thicker.
Cost: I believe all them cost about the same - $2.19-2.99 or so. What do people do who can't have dairy? I'd go broke spending money on milk.

So far, the winner is still almond milk, in terms of an everyday alternative to dairy, and chocolate soy milk, in terms of which one would I wish on a genie's lamp to receive an endless supply of.*

*Sentence ending with a preposition. My bad.


  1. This was a fun adventure to follow! I had some lactose intolerance issues as a kid (which I am SO GLAD to have grown out of!), and I hated all the vanilla flavored stuff, but loved the chocolate Rice Dream! I remember having some soy ice cream, and that didn't jive well with me, so like I said, I'm very thankful I no longer have milk issues!

    p.s. I don't believe there is an official rule against ending a sentence with a preposition. I believe it is a style thing, and as long as your preposition isn't extraneous, it should be okay. Of course, then there's the quote we love to attribute to Churchill: “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.” :)

  2. This makes me think of Scrubs when JD is eating Rice Dream ice cream out of sake cups.

    He seemed to enjoy it, anyway.

  3. There's a Scrubs episode that I haven't seen?! This can't be true!

    Maybe next I should try some of the ice creams - for the good of science and all.