Welbilt Bread Maker, R.I.P.

Good evening and thank you for attending this funeral for my bread maker. I'd like to say a few words.

We had so many happy memories together. You brought John memories of baking with his grandma on their farm. You helped us save money by baking our own sandwich bread for most of the fall and for the better part of February.

I feel like we were just getting to know each other, trying out new recipes, when this happened....

I blame myself. I didn't put the kneading and mixing blade in correctly, and I screwed up the ingredients in general.

Somehow by putting the blade in wrong I managed to get yeast all over the outside of the bread pan, where it did no good.

But in my haste to be rid of this disgusting mishap, I threw away the kneading and mixing blade inside the un-risen bread goo. A new blade would cost at least $20 USD plus another $20-30 in import fees, thus totaling the bread maker that my mom payed $.50 for at a church rummage sale. That would be a lost cause, anyways, since ours is so old that they don't make blades for it anymore.

The nasty final bread isn't the way I want to remember you. Let's go out with this photo of the special flour we bought for you. I just tear up when I see John's naive optimism, baking wheat bread for our sandwiches.

On another note: it's just about finals week here and John and I are busy preparing our final papers. I have several really cool recipes to share with you, and soon it will be summer, so I'll have plenty of time to sit around and blog. So until later in the week, I'm taking a break.

Happy Easter!


  1. How upsetting.

    I'm sure it loved you, too, and has only happy memories of the magic you made together.

  2. poor poor breadmaker... :( may it rest in peace.