Jason and Samantha's Wedding

I'm a little disappointed with the pictures I took at this wedding, so I'm excited to see what my mom's and Halley's look like.

That's my cousin Jason on the right, with his new wife, Samantha.

They had a lovely, traditional wedding at Stonewall Golf Club (where, yes, there is a large portrait of Stonewall Jackson above the fireplace).

I cropped that one to show a close up of me and some of my cousins and other relatives.

Jason and Samantha, plus all of Jason's relative who were present.

I can't remember all of the delicate details of this cake, but it had several flavors and it was really delicious. I think the design was lovely, too.

They played music and introduced the bridal party as they entered. That's my cousin Jessica, Jason's sister, making her entrance.

After everyone was inside, Jason and Samantha had their first dance to "I only have eyes for you."

Here's Samantha, looking on as Jason danced with his mom.

Gorgeous, gorgeous dress.

I'll end with this picture John took our our table, after the dancing had already started.

It was a beautiful wedding, and I'm so glad we got to go. Congrats, Jason and Samantha!

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