The End of Summer

Even as I sit in my pajamas at almost 2 pm for the 10th day in a row, I'm asking "How can summer be over already?"

My birthday is always the first sign of the end of the summer, though our semester doesn't start until after labor day. The Canadian trees already know what's about to happen, and the colors are starting to change.

For my birthday, John got me this awesome food processor!

I toyed with naming it "El Chopalito," since it's a mini-processor, but I think I'm going to call it "L'il Choppy Chopsalot," or "L'il Choppy" for short.

So far we've used it to make 3 batches of hummus, peanut butter, and spinach pesto. Only the hummus has turned out exactly as planned, and I'm going to wait to post pictures of that stuff until I'm happy with the results.

In other news, this weekend John and I are traveling to Manassas, VA, for my cousin Jason's wedding. You may remember Manassas (from 8th grade social studies) as the southern name for the Battle(s) of Bull Run. The second battle took place in late August, and its anniversary falls on this weekend. John and I were already planning a trip to the battle fields, since they are maintained in a national park just down the street from our hotel. They have a 1-mile trail where you can take a self-guided tour of the battle fields. *AND* they will have various demonstrations to commemorate the anniversary of the battle. John and I particularly hope to see the cavalry demo.

We're hoping for a weekend with some Civil War sites, some crab cakes, and relaxing time in the hotel hot tub. Until then, soak up the sun while you can.


  1. I like Lil Choppy.

    May I also suggest Sir Chops-A-Lot or, if we want to get fancy, Chopin.

  2. Chopin! How could that not have occurred to me?