Happy Anniversary, Canada! Year 1 in Review

John and I had our 1 year anniversary with Canada a few days ago (the 18th). Today marks 1 year of blogging for Sounds Like Canada. I wish I had thought ahead to plan a giveaway or some kind of surprise. Instead, I'll just review what we've learned in the past year, with links to our favorite posts. I'll post another list of our favorite recipes.

Right away we learned how Canadians store their milk, and their funny French translations for groceries.

I learned that it's easier to offend minorities when I can't see, and received an invitation (ladies only) to experience Canadian culture with other foreigners.

We joined Costco, celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and observed the geese. I made a photo study from pictures of my favorite tree.

John went to SEM, I went to SMT, and we both went to Music Theory Midwest.

We learned about the Ontario provincial government and all that it had to offer, like license plates and a housing board. We took advantage of our local fire department.

After Christmas in Fort Wayne, Carla and Dave came to visit! We saw the London Knights and the Western Mustangs play hockey.

I killed our bread maker, and did a series of posts about alterna-milks.

We took a GIANT road trip:
Fort Wayne, IN
Oxford, OH
Nashville, TN
Atlanta, GA
Cookeville, TN
Memphis, TN
Springfield, IL
And I went to Baltimore for my friends Andrew and Alyssa's wedding.

We ran two 5K races, one where I got very muddy.

We explored the beaches of the Great Lakes in our area, including Port Burwell, Port Stanley, and Grand Bend, as well as another smaller body of water, Lake Whittaker.

We visited Bloomington, John began a running regimen, and I completed a duathlon.

When I stare at this long list of stuff we did, it seems like it was actually a pretty good first year in Canada - not to mention all the hours at school that didn't seem blog worthy.

A year ago I was having trouble adjusting to what seemed like a huge amount of change. Now I'm just waiting for school to start so I can see all the people who are gone for the summer.

John and I have a guest room, and you know how to get in touch with us. If you feel like taking a trip to Ontario, just say the word!

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