The 4th Annual Shu'Pippen Family Christmas Photo (2013)

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree and today we celebrated one of my favorite holiday traditions: the 4th Annual Shu'Pippen Family Christmas Photo! This is Bobo's first Christmas, and since she was pretty confused about the whole thing, I elected to make her a simple (and largely invisible) green and red ribbon to wear, rather than buying her silly hat. There's time for that down the road.

It was sort of a challenge to incorporate Bobo into our usual silly Christmas photo theme, but we made do. 

Sincere Christmas photos aren't a bad thing.

 She blends in with the blanket a little too well.

Things improved when we let her decide where to focus each photo.

This year's official (silly) selection:

This year's official (sincere) selection:

And for your reference, here are the previous years: 


I plan on getting a couple of shots of Bobo and Toby wearing antlers or something similarly festive when we're in Bloomy.

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