GYM CHRISTMAS 2013 is here! Day 1: Pre-Dinner Walk

Today marks the first day of Gym Christmas 2013! I've already written a bit about the details for this year as it is somewhat different from previous years. And today, the DJ posted a more thorough explanation of each task on her blog. You can read it here.

I've started a list of how I'm going to accomplish each task and I'll blog about each of them as I go. Today's is #1 on the list (chosen arbitrarily - you need not complete them in the order above): Go for a pre-dinner walk. DONE! 
Bobo and I took a 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood this afternoon. I could have also counted it as Animal Time, but I know that one will be easy to accomplish because I spend most of the day with Bobo. 

Yuletide Cheer: This is meant to be a random-acts-of-kindness kind of thing. Since none of my students read this (to my knowledge), I'm going to surprise them with a baked good on our last day of class.

Make a game of household chores: I'm not sure how much of a game it will be, but I'm going to sweep the whole house and mop the kitchen floor (date TBD). I always work up a sweat doing those things anyways.

Crank up the music and boogie down: Self-explanatory. But I do have a similar activity I like to do this time of year called Nutcracker Yoga. Also self-explanatory.

For Hazardous Waste Removal, I had planned on emptying all the trashcans in the house plus cleaning out the fridge, but then the DJ explained that it's more mental - eliminating something bad from your inner self. I still I'll still do the cleaning task and by extension consider what kinds of mental clutter I could rid from my mind. Our house feels more comfortable and relaxed when it's clean. 

Regular Water Consumption: I'm going to keep track of how much water I drink on a particular day, evaluate it, and then try to improve it on another day (if necessary). 

Investigate and share: I thought about writing a bit about my dissertation research, but I may look up something interesting about Christmas to share instead. So something either Voltaire or Christmas related.

Sneak a workout into another activity: I've already sort of begun this one, but i'll probably officially count it one day this week. I've stopped using the elevator in Talbot College. It doesn't seem like a big deal, but I spend a lot of time in John's office (with the dog) and then occasionally make trips up to my office - that means walking from the basement to the 3rd floor. If I have to make more than one trip, I can really feel it in my quads! 

Turn TV commercials into fitness breaks: We don't have cable, so as the DJ suggests, I'm going to get creative with this one. My plan is to commit to foam rolling while we watch TV at night and I have to do it 3 times before completing this task.

Muscle-Building/Strength Training: I do this regularly anyways, so I'll either do a normal workout at home or at the gym.

Animal Time: Easily done. I walk Bobo at least once a day. 

Seven-Minute Work Out: I may turn this one into a 7-minute AMRAP (or three components, 2:20 AMRAP for each), sandwiched between a warm up and cool down.

In order to participate, you simply complete these tasks per DJ's instructions and tell her about it, either on facebook, or on her blog. At the end, she mails you a button! 

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