London Calling

Hello Fellow North Americans!

Welcome to Sounds Like Canada, a blog documenting our Canadian adventures as we pursue PhDs in music at the University of Western Ontario, located in London. We will be here for four years (or more), writing regularly about our lives as Americans in a slightly foreign yet somewhat familiar country.

We'll post about being students, the food we eat, the people we meet, and the family and friends who we hope will take advantage of our guest bedroom (tiny, but comfy...much like the rest of the apartment). Keep in touch with us through the blog, and we hope you'll enjoy exploring Canada through the eyes of two Americans.


  1. I always find it amazing what we take for granted in our home country.

    I hope your enjoying Canada.

    I too went to Western...woo woo and now reside in St. Thomas on the outskirts of London.

    Great fun and great times... feel free to pop by my blog and say hello.

  2. Thanks, Carol! I'll definitely take a look at your blog. Thanks for stopping by. :)