We go together like bread and nutella*

The weather is beautiful; it's cool and not humid, sunny but doesn't make you feel hot. It's cool enough to drink tea in the evenings and it really makes me feel like school is about to start.

John's been using the bread maker that my mom gave us, cranking out 2 loaves a day.

I think it cost my mom about $.50 USD and it's already payed for itself in bread for sandwiches.

He likes to wear the apron that his mom gave him. In this shot, John is opening a new bag of wheat flour.

This is one of the shorter loaves from a few days ago. Since then he's experimented with different types of flour, and they've gotten taller and fluffier. And - get this - he learned that Canadian all-purpose flour (and wheat flour in general) has a higher gluten content than American AP flour (who knew?!), so you can use less yeast. Since we only had American AP flour, John bought bread flour, which also allows you to cut back on the yeast. Today's second loaf was just right. Most of them don't make it to storage for future sandwiches because I eat several slices with peanut butter and/or Nutella.

*John says Nutella is gross.

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