Picture Highlights!

Greetings from London where we have a high of 70 degrees Fahrenheit!
John keeps saying, "Man...Yankee summers...This is great," and I keep saying, "These people aren't Yankees."

Our apartment is starting to seem like a place we actually live. So far we've hung pictures, collapsed boxes, and we even "finished" the spare bedroom. Here are some pics:

John and I sat in the room for a while after cleaning it up. It's the one really finished room in the house, so it's suddenly our favorite room to hang out in.

Here's John selecting a book to read,

and enjoying it in such abundant, natural light (unexpected in our basement apartment)!

Our philosophy with that room has been, "If it's cozy and inviting, they will come." I hope you feel the same way.

On another note, here are some photos of unusual Canadian things. First, The Beer Store.

It's basically a giant walk-in cooler, but they also have a can and bottle recycling center on site. Some locations even have a drive-through.

Next a couple of items in the Wal-Mart grocery section (note the measurement in grams).

Everybody knows the best potato salad comes from Kentucky, right? French labels sometimes make the grocery store a pain (for me, not John, he's too excited to care), but also an adventure in expanding my French vocabulary. For instance, I now know how to say "fat free."

Today we plan to walk to school and walk around the main library. Stay tuned for a post about our walking route and our pretty neighborhood.


  1. Isn't Chou cabbage? So is that supposed to be coleslaw?

  2. recycling at wal-mart? how unamerican.

  3. No, no, recycling at the Beer store. And Kira, coleslaw would make more sense, but it looked way more like potato salad. Maybe I don't know how they make coleslaw in Kentucky.

  4. any convenient recycling is unamerican!