You can find everything at Canadian Goodwill

Yesterday we went to one of the biggest Goodwill stores I've ever layed eyes on. It has multiple rooms and tons of skiing and hockey equipment (a Canadian trait, for sure). There's another one closer to our house that only sells books, but the one we went to today accepts furniture and we needed to donate my old, $7 Salvation Army coffee table (back from whence it came). While we were there, we walked around for a while, eyeing the winter goods. John came away with a long, winter pea coat for $10 (in really good shape, nice lining) and I found a pair of ice skates that fit me for $5!!

After I tried them on I made John promise to go skating with me somewhere outside this winter. It'll be part of his Northern Experience. Maybe we'll buy some cross-country skis at Goodwill later this year.

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