"Honey Baked" Ham

"Gather 'round, y'all, it's time to torch the Christmas ham!"

The honey and the butane torch are staring at the ham in this picture.

I saw some kind of "how-it's-made" type show on Food Network where they filmed people making honey ham - though not the brand name, Honey Baked Ham.
The show naturally inspired me to try it myself. How hard could it be?

First we squirted honey all over it.

And then we did it again.

I rubbed it with brown sugar, and then we torched it!!!

The glaze it made was really similar to the sweet, heavenly glaze on a Honey Baked Ham. The over all taste wasn't quite the same, but it was close! I love ham, so I was easy to please.

I don't really have a recipe for this, just a few ingredients.

Honey, and a lot of it. Coat the ham with it.
Brown sugar (maybe a 1/2 a cup, maybe 3/4). Try to pat it evenly on the ham.
A butane torch (from the creme brulee set my mom gave John a few years ago for Christmas...maybe his favorite ever Christmas present from her - the torch, not the rest of the set). Torch the ham and caramelize the sugar.

And voila!

*Unrelated to ham: I'm on the hunt for a good breakfast casserole recipe. If you have one, please leave a link in the comments, or send me an email at soundslikecanada@gmail.com.


  1. I'm jealous of your torch. And did you see the breakfast casserole that Pastor Ryan made on Pioneer Woman? It looked TO DIE FOR!

  2. No! I'm going to go check it out right now. There's a breakfast casserole in the making in my fridge right now, melding over night. It's my roommate Mark's mother's recipe and it's awesome. But I think breakfast casserole is my new "thing," if you know what I mean.