Ontario Housing Tribunal

This holiday season I am thankful for the Ontario Housing Tribunal and the Landlord Tenant Board.

Today we had our hearing and they decided to write an order to end our lease on December 31st.

Here's a sad picture of me as we waited for an hour to ask the legal aid lawyer about our case on the day we filed it.

The whole process involved a lot of paper work and planning, kind of like an additional final paper presentation for one of my classes.

I'm so thankful for these people, their lawyer, their free, legal decisions. It felt really, well, real. It looked and felt like a court room, and we cross examined each other. But it's over.
The whole experience didn't cost a thing. Of course it means that things in the apartment will be even more awkward until we move. But we need to find a new place, STAT, and start moving next week. It's going to be our fastest move ever.

Incidentally, if you live in London and would like to come to our packing/moving party, let me know! As soon as we pick a place, we will organize a social event to make our move more fun for everyone, with boxes, cookies, packing, boxes, more food, and boxes. Sound like fun?

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  1. Good grief, what on earth was happening in your place of residence??