John and I have a new favorite restaurant in London: Jambalaya!

I can't help by compare it to Veg Out, since we just went there recently, but it's so.much.better.

Jambalaya serves a combination of Cajun, Thai, and Caribbean food. I highly recommend checking out their website, especially the Cuisine page. They explain in depth the history of food in the regions listed above. It's a perfect combination for me - history and food. That should be my next themed vacation!

I digress. Jambalaya is owned and run by nice people. The service was pretty good, and now that we've been there twice I can say that both times the food was fantastic.

I like this picture of John because it looks like the eye of the painting behind him is looking right into his head. He's making that face because this is the first food we've had in Canada that reminded him of actual Southern food.
The smell of the place reminded me of food I used to get at Dats, a Cajun/Creole restaurant in Bloomington - maybe the restaurant I miss the most.

I ordered the Jerk Pad Thai, which was served in a sort of mini wok. It was delicious! When these people say they like to combine unusual flavors, they really mean it. This dish was everything you'd expect in pad thai, but with a jerk sauce instead of the peanut or sriracha sauce. They have regular pad thai, as well, but I'm glad I tried something different and got this.

John got the Gumbo Ya-Ya - "The best meal I've eaten in London." He seemed especially excited about the okra, since he loves to eat fried okra in Tennessee. We described to our waitress, the chef's wife, that in the South people bread and fry it, and she was really surprised. This also came with corn bread, which he noticed was different from the "normal" kind. I tasted it and I think it had probably half the butter that we're used to. My finger tips weren't buttery after holding it, either. But it was still good.

I give Jambalaya an A+. I can't wait to go there with Carla and Dave.


  1. When I hear the word "jambalaya", to things come to mind:

    1) The soup nazi episode of Seinfeld
    2) Mrs. Doubtfire (because Pierce is allergic)

    Also, I would order something called the Gumbo Ya-Ya just for the opportunity to say it.

  2. Their food is SO good. You'd love it.