Hyde Brothers Bookstore

One of our favorite spots to visit in Fort Wayne is Hyde Brothers Books, a fabulous used bookstore near our house. My dad is one of their loyal costumers.

This is a small portion of their 3 walls of cookbooks.

Like any good used bookstore, it's a place to get comfortable and really dig to see what they have.

This was intriguing; it's divided into regions of the country and has an essay about the locals in the beginning of section.

Amish cookbooks!

One of the employees got a grant to paint a mural on the outside of the building with various scenes of Fort Wayne.

Below is the one of Safety Village!

We used to go there on field trips in kindergarten to learn about traffic rule and...you know, safety. We could ride around on little cars (kind of like power wheels) in a miniature version of Fort Wayne with little houses and businesses, changing lanes without looking and running mini stop signs. It was the best.

More on our baking and cooking adventures in my mom's kitchen to follow.

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  1. GLEN ELLYN HAS A SAFETY VILLAGE, TOO!!! They had a summer day-camp that I went to when I was very small! We didn't get to ride around in cars, though, we rode big-wheels instead. The train tracks were the most important traffic feature, as I recall. I'm trying to remember what else I learned in Safety Village... I learned to "Say 'neigh' to strangers!" (there was a cartoon of a horse to teach us that one.) and I remember being terribly frustrated when the teacher tried to convince me that vitamins and other medicines were dangerous. Looking back, I'm sure she was referring to overdosing, but there was a miscommunication somewhere, and 4-year-old me lost all respect for the teacher. Ah, memories!

    Oh, and Merry Christmas!!!