Cabin Fever

John and I can spend a lot of time together without getting sick of each other's company. The snow days last week were sort of like finals week come early, so we both had papers to work on. Thank God, no one has lost power, or this whole mess would have been a lot worse. Still, we've had to come up with a lot of indoor activities. We finally opened the puzzle that John's mom gave him for Christmas like 6 years ago.

The pictures are a little dark, but I think they help convey how absolutely impossible this puzzle is. It's of A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of the Grande Jatte, one of John's favorite paintings.

It's a gorgeous painting and I'm sure it will eventually look good. But for real. A pointillist painting makes one difficult puzzle. It's hard to tell the fuzzy looking tree pieces from the fuzzy grass pieces, and the fuzzy blue could be either sky or water.

I felt really proud of myself after spending an hour trying to get these trees. And by that I mean a small portion of the trees.

It totally looks like trees, right?

We're making slow progress, but for real. What the hell piece is this? And why are there so many?

From all the detail in this post, you can tell that I'm ready for the Snowmageddon to be over for a few days.


  1. I think I can imagine what you were feeling/thinking while this was going on.

    I was marooned for about 5 days, with my roommates.

    We all like each other well enough but day 4 came and I think we were pretty much done with each other.

  2. Yeah, I mean, it's not like I don't like hanging out with John. Even on a normal day we spend a ton of time together. I was just starting to get frustrated that we couldn't drive anywhere if we wanted to and that we couldn't hang out with anyone else who was also stuck.