Springbank Park in Winter

John and I ventured out on the 26th to take a walk in Spring Bank Park. It's my favorite running spot in London, and you may have read about it here and here. Here are the photos we took to document our cold adventure:

I thought the light looked just right to take a whole bunch of pictures just before dusk.

It was cold, but the parks dept. laid down enough salt that the path was relatively clear.

We hardly needed our YakTrax, but John really wanted to try his out, since I got them for him for Christmas.
Here's an upclose shot:

I love this picture of John on the run:

View from the bridge:

And from the other side:

My favorite path:


  1. Made the mistake of showing these pics to my hubs who lived many years in London, many years ago...now he's all nostalgic...
    Beautiful shots though!