Snow Squalls

I have a lot of other stuff I'd like to blog about soon, but I want to preempt it with a post about how it's been SNOWING SO INCREDIBLY HARD FOR THREE STRAIGHT DAYS!!!!!!!!

It began on Sunday afternoon:

I even went out on the porch to take this picture. We had to let the porch go when the snow invaded.

It snowed all day and night on Monday.

And then all day on Tuesday, and through the night.

We can only open the back door a few inches.

I took this next picture at the top of the hill that our campus gym is built into. As we walked to the bus stop on Monday I said to John that I thought school should have been canceled, and that maybe it still would be. Traffic was crawling a long (the City of London doesn't plow as early as I ever expect them to), and then I said to John that I wondered if the buses would stop running, leaving us stuck at school.

Naturally, that is what happened. They didn't stop running right away, but they were so off schedule that we figured we'd have to wait an hour outside for a bus to show up, and by that time we could just walk home. For some reason we tried to take the stairs up the rec center hill, but at the top, everything was covered in snow and we weren't sure how to get around the building. I think we were hiking through some landscaping, and the snow was already past my knees (because of a drift, I think). We stopped by the shopping center near our house and got some last minute groceries before making it home.

UWO said they would announce by 6 AM Tuesday whether we were having school, and sure enough it was canceled.

We've been taking turns shoveling the driveway with the people who live downstairs.

In some places (especially where we've tossed the snow as we shovel it) the snow is 2-3 feet deep. It makes an excellent chair!

Victoria Park, covered in snow.

This is much worse snow than we had all last year, especially since it came all at once. Someone else in town said this is the worst snow storm of the last 10 years. Our street wasn't plowed until Tuesday night at 11 PM, so I was glad we didn't have a reason to drive anywhere.

Western called off school for Wednesday by Tuesday afternoon, even though it wasn't supposed to snow as much on Wednesday. London Transit announced it would be shut down on Wednesday, and that makes it really hard for the school to stay open. So we had a third snow day in a row.

On Wednesday the sun finally came out, though the temperature stayed quite low. John and I ventured out for a brief grocery store trip, and a walk in Victoria Park.

Snow (ski) pants my mom got me when I was at Interlochen - they still fit! Score!

All the Christmas decor is up in the park, including this family of snow people, getting ready to ice skate (their skate are hidden in the snow).

Note my camera strap, bottom right. Mittens make it hard to take pictures.

The Nativity, as if it took place in Ontario.

Wednesday night the forecast calls for more snow, and then everything from light flurries to light snow through the rest of the week. I'll have some more posts about how we've survived during The Hibernation and, of course, more snow pics as Snowpocalypse 2010 continues.

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  1. So, you guys got a couple flakes, eh?

    At least London knows when it's been bested by frozen precipitation.

    These Appalachian twits won't cancel shit. It's like they want me to die.

    I'm pretty sure they do.