Evergreen Cupcakes

John invited me to come to his final class women's studies class so that I could watch his presentation. I've joined him and his classmates after the class at the Grad Club a couple of times, and we went with them to the Santa Clause Parade, so I was looking forward to seeing them. I decided to make some cupcakes to bring to the class.

Red velvet cupcakes seemed Christmasy (and it's my favorite kind of cake). But we're out of red food coloring, and my car was trapped in an ice cave, so I had to use what I had. And what I had was green.

Last year when I was in a similar situation, I used blue dye and called them Blue Jean Cupcakes (in keeping with the fabric theme). This year, I wasn't sure what to call them...Elf Knicker cupcakes? Green Velvet (I'm guessing that's what elf pants are made of)? It looked more like a mossy green than anything, so I called them Evergreen Cupcakes, since that sounds more appetizing than "moss cakes."

The cancellation for Wednesday's class came in while I was making the icing for these cakes. I decided to finish the job and just bring them to a Christmas dinner party we went to for John's anthropology class on Thursday.

Well, yeah, I ate one. To make sure they aren't poison ivy! Ha! Get it? Poison ivy? They're gre- oh, nevermind.

The recipe is the same one from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book I've linked to before. Here it is again. They're delicious!

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