Baby Bok Choi, 2 ways

Baby bok choi is definitely John's and my new favorite food of 2011. They're so cute! Like American-girl-doll-sized bok choi.

We had them as a side for black bean burgers two nights in a row, and we tried a different method each night.

#1: Pan fried/steamed Baby Bok Choi.

Just throw some garlic and oil in the pan, add the bok choi, and then cover and steam until they're tender. We both thought this was pretty flavorful, and it's good if you only have a few minutes while something else is cooking (like those black bean burgers in the oven). Click here for the recipe I used as a guideline.

#2: Roasted Baby Bok Choi.

This method only took a few minutes more and we both liked it better than the steamed method. The leaves get nice and crispy in the oven, and the whole thing was even more flavorful (probably because of the addition of rice vinegar after they're done cooking). Click here for the recipe we used as a guideline.

Of course baby bok choi would be a great addition to any stir fry, and I'm interested in finding something to do with bok choi and tofu. They're also great as a quick green addition to any meal, and they don't cost much.

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