Mashed White Beans with Olives and Herbs

I kind of go through phases where I really love a particular blog and make a lot of their recipes. Recently, my favorite is Closet Cooking, written by a guy named Kevin who lives in Toronto (and who has a closet-sized kitchen). When I saw this recipe on his site, I knew John and I would really enjoy it.

And enjoy it we did!
John and I both love olives, and you can sort of use whatever herbs float your boat. Thyme was a great addition, and ideally, I'd use both thyme and rosemary. Just like he says in the original post, it made our apartment smell wonderful for a whole day.

I also like that this recipe calls for what first seemed like an unreasonable amount of spinach. It wilted down, and while there's a lot of it, it's complemented by everything else in the dish and really adds some color.

Here's a link to the recipe on his site: Mashed White Beans with Spinach and Olives. This is another one that we're guaranteed to repeat.


  1. Boo, I wish Joe liked olives too!

  2. That's so sad! John LOVES olives and actually kind of converted me into an olive lover, too.