Fish Tacos with Chipotle Tartar Sauce

One of my family's favorite restaurants in Fort Wayne is Cebolla's. They have all the Mexican standards, and I've never really had something there that was bad. Recently I became a pescatarian, and decided to try their tilapia tacos. They are THE BOMB!

Naturally, John and I wanted to try making these ourselves. A couple weeks ago tilapia was on sale, and the rest of the meal was fairly easy to put together.

Just like at Cebolla's, we served ours with slaw mix (just the veggies, no mayo) on the side (I squeezed some lime juice over it before we ate), and we added a big pile of cilantro. We also have some really fantastic (Loblaw's brand!) chipotle salsa, and it went perfectly with everything.

The fish is hiding beneath that blanket of slaw, cilantro, and salsa.

We used a couple of recipes for guidance, but this was a little bit shot from the hip. For the fish prep, we sort of took this recipe as a jumping off point: click here! The only things from that recipe we really did were to cut the fish into 2" or so pieces, marinate it in lime juice (just while we prepped everything else), and then pan fry it. This method was fast and perfect for what we were doing.

The thing we were most concerned with adapting was the chipotle tartar sauce at Cebolla's, and I think we did a decent job. In this case, we followed Martha Stewart's recipe entirely, and the flavors were perfect. Click here!

In order to have this meal two nights in a row, we bought 1 lb of fish (two 1/2 lb fillets) and had them wrapped separately. We made one the night we bought them and kept the other in the coldest corner of our fridge until we made it the next night.

These were so flavorful and easy, but they felt like kind of a fancy dinner for us. We'll most definitely make them again!

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