Hey Y'all!

I've been a little bit absent for a while. I have hopes of posting more regularly this month, but with school starting again, it's taken some time to figure out the new routine. While I get things in order, here's a few highlights of what we've been up to since the new year started.

This is the image from our back porch in the morning. Winter has us surrounded.

John and I are going to run the Really Chilly 5K on February 27th. I made a new training plan for the next two months and taped it to the bottom of the February calendar page, like I usually do. Hanging it in a public place is usually a great reminder for me to stay motivated, and a sign that I've committed myself to whatever I've planned. Then I cross off the days and feel super accomplished!

And on to the food!

These are chocolate-almond-butter-oaties, a healthier and easier version of the Interlochen Chocolate No Bakes. This recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs - Heather Eats Almond Butter, or HEAB. Click here! She is breast feeding at the moment and since her daughter may be allergic to chocolate, she made these for herself with carob. So far I've used almond butter and soy milk in the recipe (so they're vegan!) but you could use whatever nut butter and whatever kind of milk or alterna-milk.

John and I are working through the soups in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, and we started with leek and potato soup. How are leeks so flavorful? This soup was the "thing of the week" as John says. Click here for David Lebowitz's take on the recipe. Bittman advocates putting in something extra to tailor this soup to your tastes, and we added chopped avocado. It was a delicious soup.

John, getting ready to use the immersion blender, Immersio.

Another food highlight was this avocado chickpea wrap. The lime and avocado make this really refreshing for a January meal, and it was easy to put together. We chose to have ours in a wrap just for fun, but you can eat it straight from a bowl if you like.

That's all for now! More recipes and new foods for 2011 next time.

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