Atlanta part 1 - "House of Flying Gibsons."

John and I love Atlanta, and I think we would feel that way even if it weren't for the Gibsons or the Chillas.

But they sure do make it a fun place to be.

Sarah's mom made a fabulous Memorial Day meal - ribs, Italian sausage, salad, baked beans, and cole slaw that her aunt brought.

After dinner we spent some time playing the piano and singing, you know, the way music majors do when they visit their families.

Tuesday we went to a pretty cool outlet mall where I found the salad spinner of my dreams.

We also went to Chick Fil'a, where I had my umpteenth glass of sweet tea since we arrived in the South.

I'm making up for the lack of sweet tea in Canada by having it all the time down here.


  1. God bless Sarah Gibson and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.


  2. She told me that she's coming to visit you soon! I'm glad you get to hang out with her crazy self, too.