Georgia Aquarium

Since John had the day off from field work on Saturday, we decided to do touristy things.

We started with brunch at the Flying Biscuit Cafe. John had a veggie scramble and I got two eggs on top of black bean cakes, topped with salsa, sour cream, and feta. It came with one of their biscuits (which are glazed - a brilliant idea), cran-apple butter, and really creamy grits. Yum...

After breakfast we decided to tour the Georgia Aquarium.

This place was really amazing. I know people are wild about the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, which I've never seen, but I feel like the Georgia Aquarium is still pretty great.

They have several different exhibits, including Planet Shark (no pictures allowed), which is a traveling exhibit from Australia.

We were able to take wonderful pictures of everything except Planet Shark, and it's hard to choose which ones to include here.

They have a lot of displays where the aquarium tanks go over your head, and a moving pathway that sort of guides you through the tunnels of water.

Manta rays and whale sharks swam over our heads.

There are several parts where you can "use two fingers ONLY and a gentle touch" to pet the sea critters. I petted a sting ray, John touched a shark. Then he touched a shrimp and said, "It feels, you know, like a shrimp." As in, the way they feel when you peel and devein them. For eating. Because some sea critters are tasty.

One nice thing about the aquarium is that there are plenty of places to just sit and admire the fish and sharks. We took a break after Tropical Diver, Planet Shark, and Georgia Explorer before finishing Ocean Voyager (below) and Coldwater Quest.

The tickets are definitely pricey, and I can't imagine taking a family with several children there. But it was worth it for the two of us, and I'm really glad we went.


  1. A) "Because some sea critters are tasty." That made me laugh.

    B) You really did go to the Flying Biscuit! I'm so jealous. I've never been but I've heard magical stories.

    C) I have been to that aquarium and I remember being pissed because it had only been open a few months and the penguins weren't there yet.

  2. Yeah! We loved the Flying Biscuit. Everything I had there was amazing, and I would totally go back.

  3. I'm sorry we didn't get to see each other in Atlanta. I'll see you in August, though!

    Also, I totally went to Flying Biscuit this morning with Ben, Brett, and Ashley, and I got the Egg-ceptional Eggs. Best thing on the menu. Also, those grits! The best!

  4. Everything on that menu is awesome! We went back on Sunday morning. Mmmm sausage with sage.